H.Z. Taghiyev, Techno- Park Area,
AZ5022, Sumgait city,
Republic of Azerbaijan

T: +994 12 310 35 60
M: info@qstp.com.az

Q-STP is a military and technical apparel and accessories production company with its global expansion strategy and state-of-the-art textile production facility. QSTP is carrying out its activities in the field of meeting military&technical textile needs of Azerbaijan Army and is aimed to distribute all the products and technologies to different countries, primarily to the target countries thanks to the export capacity. QSTP is aiming to make perfect production and contribute to the country's domestic production strategy and provide employment to the country's young population.

Lines of Business
Military Textile and Equipment
Technical Apparel Production


Barer Holding 37,5%
STP Sumgait Technologies Park 37,5%
Rebuplic of Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence 25%

Annual Production Capacity
700.000 Sets of Uniform
(Battle Dress, Class A, Office)

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