Barer Holding carries out its activities and investments in military textile, mining, livestock and aviation industries with an understanding of corporate management, customer satisfaction and sustainability at international standards.

Our company and partnerships; invests in countries, creates employment, and provides added value by establishing joint companies / partnerships with the Ministries of Defence and/or Defence Industry Organizations of potential countries.





With its corporate values, which are the most important criteria for achieving its goals in the sectors in which it operates, BARER Holding not only offers a business environment that respects differences and adopts qualities such as equality, reliability and honesty, but also employs appropriately qualified, self-confident, accomplishing dreams and competent employees.

For this reason, we make the selection of employees in our companies as well as the needs of our business lines among the candidates that we believe will realize our business by adopting our corporate culture, which is open to development with considering the principle of equality of opportunity.


• Esteems its employees and respects employee rights.
• It seeks the qualification of suitability as the only criterion in recruitment and employment and provides equal opportunity without discrimination.
• It aims to bring the most qualified young people and experienced professionals to BARER Holding.
• It aims to provide maximum benefit from the talents, power and creativity of the employees.
• Provides opportunity for the training, orientation and development of employees and equal opportunity.
• It aims to increase the loyalty of the employees to the company by providing equal opportunities in promotion and rewarding.
• Ensures the continuity of labor peace.
• Provides employees clean, healthy and safe working conditions.
• Creates and perpetuates a transparent and mutually respectful working environment where cooperation and solidarity are the most important factors.
• Evaluates and responds to the opinions and suggestions of the employees and takes motivation-enhancing measures.

It acts with the awareness of these responsibilities and these responsibilities constitute the basic principles of BARER Holding business ethics.

To work with us, please send your CVs to





Ayazağa Mah. Mimar Sinan Sk. No:21 Seba Office Boulevard D Blok Kat: 4 No: 32-33
Sarıyer / Istanbul - Turkey


+90 212 285 23 28


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